Stand for sale:

Hereby the following detail of the stand for sale on the waters edge at Da Gama Dam.




        -   The stand size is 8658 squire meters, just smaller than one hectare and has about 160 meters waterfront.

        -    I believe the feel, position, privacy and fall of the land are the best and most versatile in the estate.


        -   Drinking water is supplied by the homeowners association, from a borehole located on the estate. 
A second borehole not being used is there as backup water reserve.

        -   In the instance of water supply problems with the boreholes, we can draw water from the dam as well.

  -   Eskom power is already at the stand corner.


  -   The estate, is called DA GAMA LAKE ESTATE, consist of 19 stands and all stands form part of the homeowners association.

  -   Basic services like roads, water and security are overseen by the association.


  -   There is no time frame within which you have to build, but there is a building code that must be adhered to.

  -   I do not think the building rules are limiting, but the guidelines do help to form a unique estate.

DAM WATER & Sports

 -    Big positive is that the water in the dam is very clean as there are no developments, housing or industrial industries upstream.  The catchment area is in the forest and mountain areas.

 -    For this reason, the dam is used by the sailing club for non motorised sailing/boats.  This is done Sundays mostly (one day a month about), which is of no disturbance to us, and in fact ads to the uniqueness of the stand.

 -    We as owners are the only people that have legal and direct access to the water, as our   property borders the water property.  Nobody else around the whole dam has this benefit.

ACCESS ROADS and Position

-     The estate road links up with the R40 road.  The estate is between White River and Hazyview, about 20 kmís before Hazyview.

      -     We as estate have just received the approval for a new access road which will join in the middle of the estate.  The servitudes are in the process of being register for the benefit of the estate.

      -     This new road will be a huge advantage to us.  It will be a much shorter distance, better road, closer to White River and a pleasant drive to the estate from the tar road through the macadamia plantation.

            PRICE & Reason

 -    The property was in the market for R2.6, but I will consider  offers around R   2 mill.

 -    I am of the opinion that this type of property, with its tranquillity next to clean water just      does not exist in the lowveld, and is very rare in this country.  I am selling because my  business was sold after 27 years and will move on, but does this very reluctantly.


 -    The estate is not in the malaria area.

 -    The property is close to the Kruger National Park and Panorama route.


To really get a feel for the stand, I invite you to go walk around on the stand.  You will not only experience the superb setting but realize the potential for different positions to place a house on.

Thank you for the interest and feel free to contact me anytime.  PS  The full size photos are available.


Marius Pretorius

Tel: 082 566 4728